Reclaimed wood furniture

If you are moving into a new place or simply redecorating your home, the living room is one area that requires some real thought. You are probably looking for the perfect combination of living room furniture that looks good, is durable and still expresses your style.  Decorating a living room can be quite a project

Dining Room Tables

Often looked upon as the focal point of your dining room, it is important that you weigh all of your options prior to purchasing a new dining room table. Because meal time is usually a very important event in most families, it is a great idea to have a quality dining room set where everyone

Decorating my home has never been my forte, but I still enjoy having nice things in my house. However, for many years I was living on a small salary, so I was never able to afford high-quality bedroom furniture or other items. Recently, though, I found a new position that paid much better than my

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is where we sleep and get the rest we need to face the rest of the day. Because of this, having a comfortable set of bedroom furniture is very important. If you are unable to get a good night’s sleep, you will

Florence Knoll sofa

Most people do not consider the sofa they purchase for their living room to be a collector’s item unless they are familiar with the furniture designs of Florence Knoll. The particular design details of a Florence Knoll sofa have the common theme of being unique, stylish and very functional. Florence’s furniture designs tend to be

One of the crazes in furniture is the sectional sofa. Many people swear by them and love them and claim that they are the ideal solution for any household. With extra seating and the ability to move things about and rearrange them frequently it’s no wonder that many people turn to these for the ideal

Le Corbusier coffee table

The coffee table, a low table for use in front or beside a couch, was a late development in furniture history. A sofa table, designed to stand behind a low back sofa, was used to hold a candle and perhaps a book, or a cup of tea or coffee. These types of tables are predecessors

Cascade Collection

Buying bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task when you have a little bit of guidance to help you know what to look for and help you choose what is right for your style and what kind of mood you want to set in your bedroom. 1. Bed Sizes. The bed is the


It can be a challenge when you are trying to select the best living room furniture that will match your décor. There are plenty of choices available on the market, but if you want your true style and taste for furniture to be expressed, you must choose furniture for your living that will stand out.

Feng Shui & Home Decor

Understanding the basic principles of feng shui is vitally important if you want to use it in your home. You have to learn the various methods for getting the proper flow of chi around your property. Feng shui is based on the principle that the proper physical arrangement of the furniture in your home can