Le Corbusier coffee table

The coffee table, a low table for use in front or beside a couch, was a late development in furniture history. A sofa table, designed to stand behind a low back sofa, was used to hold a candle and perhaps a book, or a cup of tea or coffee. These types of tables are predecessors to the present coffee tables.

In the Far East, the ritual of tea drinking involves a very low, small wooden table for serving tea from, and resting cups while drinking. It would be fair to call them ‘tea tables’. As coffee drinking became popular in the West, coffee houses were frequented and eventually coffee drinking, as a refreshment at home, took over from tea drinking and the coffee table became an indispensable piece of furniture in every modern home.

A brief history of the origin of the coffee table

The design movement had a significant influence on coffee table design, departing from mass produced industrial style wooden coffee tables out of which grew the following movements:

Arts & Crafts

Aiming to restore craftsmanship to establish a style more suitable to the 19th Century, coffee tables were individually designed and crafted.

Art Nouveau

Eschewing the fussy designs of the Victorian period, these designs favored clean and simple lines with strong emphasis on vertical components with natural form for decoration.

Art Deco

Drawing inspiration from primitive art and modern forms such as the aeroplane, designers turned from the romantic styles of Art Nouveau to represent the machine age with geometric curves and straight lines. Coffee tables were designed with formica tops, glass, metal and the famous smoked glass tops.

The Present

Although revivalist movements for Art Deco and Art Nouveau spring up from time to time, a plethora of coffee table designs and styles are available, from mass production to customised styles and in a wide variety of materials ranging from bamboo to wrought iron

Some modern coffee table styles on offer at present.

If you have a small apartment or cottage style home, and you are looking for a decent sized coffee table for the living room, the Furinno 1118 coffee table is ideal for you. Its two tiered design has two drawers that can be used for storage and has rounded edges, important in a small space where sharp corners can get in the way. It is conveniently delivered and you can assemble it yourself, using a few screws and glue.

Furinno 10025 (11179) Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso

This simple, yet stylish design is functional and can be used in any room and can even be used in a kids room as a desk. It is made out of engineered particle board, which is manufactured from recycled material. It features a lower shelf for storage and is very sturdy.

There are different models available as well as a wide range of styles and materials. Browse through our pages with coffee tables and choose your ideal match. Depending on your location, your purchase may include free delivery and the prices will make you smile.

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