$1,598 $1,298

Width 62.2′”
Depth 31.89″
Height 30.71″
Seat Height 16.54″

Color :


This innovative piece of furniture got its interesting name due to the click and clack sounds the bed’s locking functions make. The bed doubles as a couch in that you can open it, and it easily transforms from one to the other. Everything clicks into place to ensure the user that the mechanisms are locked, and there is no way the piece of furniture, in whatever form, will slip. In other words, those locking sounds will ensure you that your couch won’t fall into a bed halfway through your favorite movie.

Unlike an actual couch, these are lighter, easier to move, and are definitely more cost effective. Imagine it as a sort of couch, only without the separate cushions and heavy material. The modern type of sofa bed has a sort of combined single cushion overlaying a metal or aluminum frame with a sturdy back and legs. The model easily folds down into an actual sleeping surface, making this piece of furniture versatile and kind of fun to use.