Lucca Daybed Lounge

$1,599 $1,299

Width 77.6
Depth 34.3
Height 28.3
Seat Height 16.5
Bed size 77.6*34.3

Color :



The mere sight of a daybed — part sofa, part mattress — is enough to evoke images of lazy weekend lounging. A perfect perch for reading, it’s also comfortable enough for an impromptu nap.

But that’s not all daybeds are good for. “A daybed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture,”“You can use it as a guest bed, as a way to break up an open floor plan or to create a more social environment.”

Pushed against a wall and piled with pillows, it can anchor a sitting room and provide a place for an overnight guest to sleep. Or, because most daybeds don’t have a back, it could sit in the center of a large room, supporting two or more seating areas. Anyone sitting there could slide around and participate in multiple conversations.