Le Corbusier - Living Room furniture clearance - HT Interiors Furniture Store Vancouver
Le Corbusier - Living Room furniture clearance - HT Interiors Furniture Store Vancouver

Le Corbusier - Living Room

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Modern Living Room Furniture Collection

HT Interiors offers Modern Living Room furniture designed by various designers to suit all kind of design tastes from rustic to contemporary styles.

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Charles Edouard Jeanneret, not unlike many of the designers featured, did not get his start as a furniture designer. He was an acclaimed, prize winning watch smith in Switzerland. That is until he became Le Corbusier, a central figure in modern architecture and design. In the early 1900s he apprenticed at the Behrens Studios in Berlin (As did Mies van der Rohe and famed architect Walter Gropius.) Le Corbusier quickly became known as an Architect who help pioneer the "open plan" concept with his innovative use of materials and engineering. Through the 1920's and 30's Le Corbsier continued to enforce the importance of the incorporation of architecture as a vital part of life and positioned himself as a leader in the architectural design revolution. It was in the trasition between these decades that he began designing furniture to compliment his living spaces. Working with Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand on his furniture creations they created some of the most famously comfortable pieces and highly sought after pieces in modern design. Forever cementing Le Corbusier into design history.

The set includes one sofa, one loveseat and one chair. Individual items could be brought independently.

Chair 29.5”D X 27.5”H X 35” L
Love 29.5”D X 27.5”H X 57” L
Sofa 29.5”D X 27.5”H X 79” L
Available in Black and White

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